Title: Even more about Differencial Learning - Science is no Democracy.

Fee: No Fee

Speakers: Patrick Hegen (DL-Strength and Conditioning), Diogo Coutinho (DL-Tactics), Wolfgang I. Schöllhorn (DL-Techniques).


We don't know if this course will change your understanding of how to teach motor learning and how to train specific skills, but we will try to sharpen your ability to apply the various learning theories more specifically to what they were originally designed for. While you will gain more detailed insights into traditional and contemporary approaches to motor learning, recognizing the underlying structure in doing so will open up in you a much broader range of applications for optimizing individual and situated learning. Examples in practice in different sports differentiated by technical, conditional and tactical areas will be presented.  This workshop will be rounded off by insights into specific neurophysiological consequences of the individual approaches. We will also take a look at the customs of traditional Asian martial arts and their connection to the differential learning approach and its philosophical implications and build bridges to the corresponding neurophysiological findings.

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