Jean-Louis Deneubourg
Cooperation and collective decision-making in group living animals
Jean-Louis Deneubourg

Professsor of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Faculty of Sciences), Belgium, where he obtained his PhD (1979) and member of the Royal Academy. His research is concerned with the self-organization of animal societies and mainly how they display cognitive capabilities that go beyond the scope of single individuals. He was the first to study collective decision-making, building behaviour…. combining modelling and experimentation. More recently, he studied the diversity of collective decision-making patterns resulting from gregarious behaviour (e.g. collective discrimination).

These results were a source of inspiration for the computer scientists. He also studied artificial systems (collective intelligence with robots mainly inspired by social insects) and is working on mixed societies where animals and robots communicate/cooperate. He published 3 books and around 300 articles.

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